When you have 4 film ticket-Sales on a 4 film release, revenues can essentially quadruple. Here are some facts about that potential. This is just U.S. profits not the whole world. It is also based on 45 million regular US film- goers that exist here.

The following projections are not based in a glowing optimistic scenario where all 45 million regular filmgoers attend our films, but only 45% of them - less than half. Regular film-goers are defined as those folks who attend movies monthly/weekly. These estimates are not guarantees but projections.

The Average US ticket now costs $8.00 but industry insiders say the price in a few years will be $9.00+ (including kids, seniors, matinee, and adult prices all averaged together). “3-D” ticket prices will be 3 to 5 dollars higher.

Fact 1:

There are approximately 45 million regular movie goers here in the U.S.

If all of those go to see a new/popular film and no one else, the film makes about $405M. (That’s excellent. That’s a blockbuster; that’s earned in six month  inside the US.)

Revenues are shared between the Theatres [approx.50%] Distributor [approx.15%] (with independent financing) and Enthios Entertainment, and its actors/crew  [approx.35% ].

Let’s assume only 45% of the regular film group goes to our films, i.e. 20M @ $9.00 ea. (That’s approx. $180M Gross, now, multiply times 3..for 3 Films ...then you have $540M).

That’s America’s box-office on 3 films without other marketing centers included  -- OR the rest of the world’s Box-office.   

Compare this to Avatar (1 film making Over $600M U.S.) before the DVD release.

Now there’s a Wild Card market of 240 million metaphysically minded people in the US who are a potential market for us.  Why? 

Because these people believe Hollywood has not really made films for them. With this project we will give them FOUR within seven to nine months.

Please assume just 5% of this market (who do not normally go to films) go to see our films. That’s 12 million people. Multiply that by 4 (for 4 films) that’s 36 million tickets @ $9.00 each (that’s $432 million more dollars of profit).

By conservative estimates, this totals $964 million in just the U.S.

By comparison, Passion’s box-office grossed in the US over $375M, with just one film.  Now...the rest of the world’s box-office revenue are often said to Equal the US market. 

Many films in a Sci-fi, special-efx or Adventure genre (as opposed to romantic or teen comedies) are popular in all cultures so international profits could be excellent too.


If the film becomes truly popular it improves (in Repeat Ticket Sales) Or, you may have greater numbers of regular filmgoers attending (more than just 45%); Or larger numbers of metaphysically minded people attending (more than just 5% of them) then, the sky’s the limit. This is just a United States profile. When we take world-revenue into account it's a proposition in substantial returns particularly on a “3 Film release”.

The revenues above do not include a Music Profit Center where we have estimated our grosses at $259M axellent profit based on multiple music products. This $259M of gross revenue includes quadruple Music albums and it includes quadruple Video Music Albums, which WE uniquely have and is a first in the film industry.

It’s a new marketing niche with very little cost to us. We will take film footage from the film (which we will own) and edit it in behind each of our sound- track songs. This will allow people--young people most likely, to SEE the music from the film while they listen to the music...but on their DVD player at home on TV or on in-car DVD players, on I-pods, etc.

Of course we will have standard CDs for auto and home usage too. This does Not include personal DVD sales or rentals which are like making a 2nd film release [perhaps equal to a 1/2 film release]. The Passion grossed over $250 million in just September 2004 only weeks after the video’s release.

We have assumed our DVD sales to be similar to that film to date, except that we have three films in the DVD market place however our films are not rated R either. Because much of the Income from these Film and Soundtrack scenarios is plowed back into fulfilling the foundation’s entire purpose we’ll be able to fund its other missions – while serving an entertainment one.

We also plan to do something in profit making no one has ever done before.  A few years after the release when the films are on on U.S. cable and TV, we will create a very special website- which will go out to everyone in the world with a computer (which is most everyone), and we will show all of our three films 3 times a day, for one week. And we'll do this every year. The charge will be a something small per film showing. 

When we realize that Most people in the world are not film goers - they just DO NOT go to movies (really) but Many NOW have computers. There will now be an avenue for many more people to finally get to see our films -- and, in places we might not even think of.  The vast amount of income over decades can be astounding in the other media.

Every once in a while, a movie comes a long that seems to change everything...

Mystic Traveler is an inspiring hero-story of the most famous person in world history. PREPARE TO BE ASTOUNDED.

Mystic Traveler quadrilogy is 4 full-length feature films that change everything. This is a stunning concept in film making and
film marketing. It's a science fiction hero-adventure, with metaphysical themes, set in a timeless earth-based historical epic.

People going to an epic-saga wish to see rich, expansive stories in high adventure, love, transformation, mystery, intrigue, and
especially the magic of the paranormal. We have journeys, romance, extraterrestrial struggle, the death and resurrection of heroes,
and the eternal battle man has with his own self. It's an archetypal adventure - a universal, heart-level Hero Story.

Mystic Traveler has galactic feelings like Star Wars and Avatar, the grandeur and spectacle of Lord of the Rings, and the gritty reality of Gladiator.

Just as "The Force" in Star Wars captivated audiences worldwide, our films will take us to places we've rarely ever seen, the inside
of consciousness: to "The Presence." Are you ready?

We believe this Mystic quadrilogy is the most authentic presentation of Jesus' lifetime in entertainment history. The audience will get the rich texture of his full life. We'll see his heroic presence pass through high adventure in these 4 stunning movies, bathed in astounding special effects and in mysteries of consciousness.


Ever hear of Jesus' lost missing years? Those are years between his birth and age 30, of which we know almost nothing. At about 30 he
began teaching, healing and performing miracles which transcended time and space, second to none in history. Why, when, and how
did Jesus remarkable power develop?