First she sees in this vision a mysterious white haired older gentleman, Jeremiah sipping coffee in a 21st century café in Ireland. He’s telling a story to folks of how the Lost Ark of the Covenant – an ancient communication device, came to rest there.

He tells us of a person from long ago who came to earth from a lighted place  with a mission to end an Invasive influence poisoning man's consciousness thus creating slavery and hatred on earth. The mystery person beamed to earth being born to a family in Galilee to practice the purifying life of the Spiritual Tradition.

We see the young child Jesus grow-up in this ancient tradition, studying also at the Dead Sea - the community site where the Scrolls were all copied. He prospers there in knowledge and awareness completing an extraordinary Initiation while only being 11 ... amazing even his instructional Masters.

At 11 he's invited to travel with his great Uncle Joe, Joseph of Arimithea, a tin-trader of great wealth.

He teaches Jesus about business on the journeys as well as the ancient history of their people.

On his travels he's invited to dinner to meet the secretly protected Royal family of Israel who Jeremiah saved at the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC.     This fact of ‘Israelite royalty' abroad then, is also historic.

He now meets Jeremiah.

He comes specifically to meet and give training to a youngster from afar.

The next day they go off on a week-long horseback adventure seeing   ancient ruins, hearing mysterious secrets, learning of galactic powers,
ancient priests, and the hiding place of the Ark and ancient artifacts.

He's wide-eyed--awed by his adventure. He learns spiritual-physical disciplines that only gifted students receive.

Next, traveling with the Royal family on the Sea the young man dives in, rescuing a drowning Princess washed over board with the rising up of a storm. He’s greatly praised over it, with much gratitude.

Then after these travels he returns to Israel and his family attends the 7-day Spring Holy Days in Jerusalem. This is where he “confounds the teachers of the temple with wisdom.”

At this annual meeting He represents all his Elders, So, at this meeting Elders from other spiritual disciplines such as the Pharisees have to accept his presence.  However, they try to embarrass him, testing him. But without guile he innocently confounds their attempts with startling erudition and spiritual knowledge. The scene is magical.

We then ‘Dissolve’ to his 18th year. We see his strength and adroitness as a youth escaping intended injury from a Roman “accident”.

We feel his charming relations with family and neighbors. We see his father, Joseph, now older, and meet his brothers James, Thomas, and his 4 other younger brothers and sisters, mentioned by name in the Gospels, ages 8 to 17. They help Dad in the carpentry/ building business.

We get to see his family's affectionate ways. However, his father Joseph suddenly passes-on and so, he becomes the head of the family, and its business. Soon, his uncle comes once again asking permission of Jesus' mother Mary, if he may take him on a trip to develop a mine. The wealth they need to survive 1st century realities will be theirs. The trip is agreed to.

Across peninsulas, mountains, on the way to far lands we have a special, memorable, and a spectacularly dramatic journey, long remembered.

On this trip and  its journey we witness a series
of special moments and experiences that he passes through. 

We see him save a group of friends  and others too quite heroically.
His remarkably mature and centered nature enjoys it all, and succeeds in youthful grace.

The trip is indeed successful as he creates security for his family’s financial needs. He ends a stay being invited to a temple at mountain tops, where he excels in working the inner quantum secrets of Time-space and Matter-energy - becoming truly powerful.

The film lead us through incredible power development and then departure from there, to the port of Aqaba, on a ship; then onto Gallilee and Nazareth.

The film’s healings or miracles will be shown with 21st century digital effects. As a Master of time-space/ matter-energy he performs amazing deeds that only an individual with Quantum Energetic Knowledge could achieve. His premonitions constantly assist and startle.
The malleable nature of matter-energy is as clay in his hands.
Even Jedi knights would be awed
by his power.

His public mission, without sanctimony or pretension becomes one of the most coherent presentations of spiritual philosophy for individuals we’ve yet seen or heard in films.

It’s not about birthing religious dogma but giving a path of value-judgless living. He teaches life harmony. He shares balancing personal action and response regarding life’s losses and victories. In short he teaches harmonious living with Life moment-to-moment.

His purpose: demythologize Pharisaical religious facades said to govern these matters. And he then reveals, and opens their awareness to truly realized daily personal spirituality.

We see he and his main motivation is always for benefitting the people. Love and compassion are the currency of life, in living with, and understanding all other people around us. Citizens on every continent and nation he visits, are loved and valued within this film-story.  The world gathering affection all over the story, will make this a 'world-story' within  the Hero story, and quite internationally relevant to people everywhere.

The famed betrayal of his mission is finally explained. The frightful death is agonizingly agreed to -- serving the esoteric -- and his departure's seen in a unique manner never before considered. The film allows us to see the mission with a new perspective -- to live peaceably in our outer experience --
by living from that place within, where spiritual wonder dwells.

From now on whenever we see a ‘Sparkling light in the night sky’ we may pause to ponder its meaning.

When measuring violence Now
we may see through its weakness.

This is a film for the 21st century, one that deserves to be seen.

In Mystic Traveler Time-Space are malleable wavelengths of energy.  Consciousness is the medium.

This is a different kind
of filmmaking.






Every once in a while, a movie comes a long that seems to change everything...

Mystic Traveler is an inspiring hero-story of the most famous person in world history. PREPARE TO BE ASTOUNDED.

Mystic Traveler quadrilogy is 4 full-length feature films that change everything. This is a stunning concept in film making and
film marketing. It's a science fiction hero-adventure, with metaphysical themes, set in a timeless earth-based historical epic.

People going to an epic-saga wish to see rich, expansive stories in high adventure, love, transformation, mystery, intrigue, and
especially the magic of the paranormal. We have journeys, romance, extraterrestrial struggle, the death and resurrection of heroes,
and the eternal battle man has with his own self. It's an archetypal adventure - a universal, heart-level Hero Story.

Mystic Traveler has galactic feelings like Star Wars and Avatar, the grandeur and spectacle of Lord of the Rings, and the gritty reality of Gladiator.

Just as "The Force" in Star Wars captivated audiences worldwide, our films will take us to places we've rarely ever seen, the inside
of consciousness: to "The Presence." Are you ready?

We believe this Mystic quadrilogy is the most authentic presentation of Jesus' lifetime in entertainment history. The audience will get the rich texture of his full life. We'll see his heroic presence pass through high adventure in these 4 stunning movies, bathed in astounding special effects and in mysteries of consciousness.


Ever hear of Jesus' lost missing years? Those are years between his birth and age 30, of which we know almost nothing. At about 30 he
began teaching, healing and performing miracles which transcended time and space, second to none in history. Why, when, and how
did Jesus remarkable power develop?